About me

Hello, my name is Victor.

I am an Technology Leader based in New York, NY

I have grown and led teams to build software and analyze data in many industries including Education, Politics, Location, Shopping, Commercial Real Estate, Mortgage Tech, and Consumer Fintech.

Currently I am the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Texture in the Climate Tech/Energy space where we are building a platform to consolidate all of the world’s energy data.

I am passionate about growing and leading great teams to solve the many unique and interesting problems the world is facing as we continue to optimize and digitize everything.

For one of the first times in the history of humanity we are able to look at solving problems on a global scale and affecting the lives of a significant portion of humanity. Never before has that been possible! So with all of these problems to solve, I enjoy dropping into a new realm, learning everything I can about it, and making my impact.

I have written a book, had one of my startups run out of cash, and had one of my startups get acquired.

I pole vaulted in high school, I’m a registered Patent Agent but I’ve never filed a patent, went through law school and earned my J.D. but I don’t practice law.

I have written an open source project with over 6,000 stars (and counting!) on Github which is downloaded more than half a million times a week.

I have traveled around the world, have officiated two weddings in two different states, have taught at Rutgers and Columbia University, have been bitten by a boa constrictor, and I am an Eagle Scout.

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