Head of Engineering

2018 - Present

Growing and leading the engineering team, figuring out a hiring plan, making strategic technical decisions, and identifying key emerging tech


2018 - Present

Teaching a full stack coding bootcamp, taking students from knowing nothing to being able to be employed as engineers

Director of Engineering

2016 - 2018

Leading teams of engineers at an e-commerce startup focused primarily on fashion

VP of Engineering

2013 - 2016

Leading engineering at a startup focused on location technology

Senior Software Engineer

2012 - 2013

Led team to revolutionize the way campaign contributions are taken by the primary fundraising platform for the Democratic Party

Web Programmer

2008 - 2012

Writing tools for educators and students to better collaborate and publish content

Senior Developer and Backup Systems Administrator

2005 - 2008

Writing custom software for internal processes and performing other sysadmin tasks


B.S. Physics, B.S. Computer Science

2001 - 2006

Graduated with degrees in two difficult hard science subjects

Juris Doctor, Intellectual Property Law

2007 - 2012

Focus on Intellectual Property law. Attended part-time at night while working full-time as a computer programmer during the day


My blog consisting mostly of technical articles

This easy and approachable getting started guide is a great point of entry for developers looking to maximize their terminal usage.



Minimalist generator of random strings, numbers, and more. I started Chance as a small project and it has since grown to a whole organization with dozens of contributors

Batch Request is lightweight connect/express middleware for Node.js which allows clients to send multiple requests to a server running Node.js in batch.

Dynasty is a clean and simple Amazon DynamoDB client for Node with baked in Promise support.

An extension for Backbone.js with a Sync that adds support for IE 7-9 CORS requests.

The theme for this site! It's a Hugo theme tailored for this kind of content -- part portfolio, part site rendering cards for the relevant things.